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An Evening with C.S. Lewis featuring David Payne
An Evening with C.S. Lewis featuring David Payne
The year is 1963 and C.S. Lewis, the famous British author, is in the twilight years of his life. Following a request from his great friend, J.R.R. Tolkien, he has agreed to give an informal talk to a group of American writers who are visiting England. They have come to Lewis' home, just outside of Oxford, and are eagerly anticipating hearing the man who has become a legend in his own lifetime. They are not disappointed. Despite his failing health, Lewis is in great form. His audience is spellbound as, with a display of oratory and humor that made him one of England's most famous public speakers, he recounts the significant events and the people that shaped his life.


An Evening with C.S. Lewis is a drama production that has proved to be an enthralling theatrical experience for the many thousands who have attended its performances over the last 8 years. When it was aired on the Dish Network it drew an enormous response. Full of humor, it is a fascinating and enthralling insight into the life of a man who became a legend in his own lifetime and who journeyed from atheism to Christianity to become one of the great champions of the Christian faith. Few Christians have been able to appeal to both believers and non believers in the way Lewis has and his high profile, even more enhanced by the Narnia Chronicles movies, makes An Evening with C.S. Lewis an event that appeals to the whole community. A preview can be seen on

November 24-26, 2017 • 3:00 P.M. & 7:30 P.M.
Tickets $40

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